About us

TRENDS IN SCIENCE is a popular source of science news. It publishes high-quality scientific content in an accessible and interesting way for the reader. Our goal is to popularize science beyond the academic world and to facilitate communication between the world of science and a much wider audience.

The world of science does not evoke positive associations in Polish society. The work of a scientific researcher is seen as art for the sake of art, with no practical use in everyday life. TRENDS IN SCIENCE is an opportunity to change this situation by warming the image of science and scientists, as well as a chance to improve the quality of communication with the non-scientific world.

The mission of the TRENDS IN SCIENCE is to interest the public with particular threads from the world of science. It is a place to present research achievements in various fields of knowledge with an emphasis on translation and presenting complex scientific issues in a simple way. Topics include medicine, chemistry, life sciences, technical sciences. Along with research successes, there is a need and even the need to present research results, because they contribute to the development of civilization, better protection of health and the environment. The research results are also important for entrepreneurs who want to invest in science.

Dr Honorata Dołęga-Ogrodnik is a founder of TRENDS IN SCIENCE. She holds a PhD in Agronomy and a Master’s Degree in Chemistry. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry in Ireland. Through her experience in science, she become increasingly aware and motivated to help Polish scientists share their scientific achievements.