For authors

We encourage authors to share their research achievements and knowledge on the TRENDS IN SCIENCE portal, where we publish scientific content that contributes significantly to the development of science.

We kindly ask you to read the following information and instructions for preparing the article.


TRENDY W NAUCE is an online journal registered by the District Court in Siedlce with the ISSN number: 2658-0705 (online).
The publisher is TRENDY W NAUCE Honorata Dołęga-Ogrodnik with the seat in Siedlce. The journal has no formal institutional affiliations and remains completely independent.


  • Authors may submit for publication only their own, original texts, prepared especially for our journal Trends in Science, which have not been previously published anywhere or sent to another editorial office.
  • Plagiarism or the fabrication of data is unacceptable. We care about maintaining the quality of published articles, therefore we use all available measures to prevent plagiarism and the publication of false data.
  • The author assures that the copyright in the work transferred to the publisher on the date of its acceptance by the editorial office shall not be restricted by any rights of third parties, and the publisher’s use and disposal of the work shall not violate personal rights or the rights of third parties.
  • The publisher has the right to use this work or parts of it for informational, promotional and advertising purposes.
  • Our mission is to help you freely share science with a wider audience, so there is no charge to publish articles on the Trends in Science website.


Our goal is to give Authors the freedom to share their research results as they see fit. However, we set out a few general rules:

  • The content of the work (article) submitted to us should be an abridged version of a previously published scientific paper in a reputable, peer-reviewed scientific journal.
  • You must be one of the authors of the published scientific publication. All content we publish, if available, is accompanied by a link to the original scientific publication (URL or DOI) from which the work (article) is based.
  • Article content should be no longer than 1500 words and no shorter than 500 words. The article should be saved in an editable format.
  • The article should be written towards an audience with higher education. Complicated scientific issues should be explained in a simple and interesting way for the reader.
  • The author may attach images to the article, provided that he/she owns the copyright or the images are under Creative Commons license. We are also happy to source various images ourselves for inclusion in articles on our site.


Submission to the journal is completely online. In order to start the process of adding an article, you need to send us content of scientific and popular science nature. The texts delivered to us will be subjected to content evaluation, proofreading and language editing, and then sent back to you for author proofreading. The process will take several days.

If you are interested in publishing your articles in the journal, please contact us by e-mail: